Our climbs utilise a via ferrata system to ensure safety and to make the activity achievable for most people.

Via Ferrata means “iron road” in Italian. It’s the name given to a series of iron steps fixed into a rock face. With the use of a safety cable this allows anyone with a decent level of fitness to scale heights normally accessible only to experienced rock climbers.

You’ll find via ferrata at various locations around the world, particularly in Europe where the sport is extremely popular. Our climbing adventure rises over 300 vertical metres to awe-inspiring views over the town and the mighty Lake Wakatipu.

First, our expert guides will kit you out and provide full instruction so you’ll be confident and comfortable before you start your adventure. Then, it’s a 2 minute drive to the start of a climbing experience that’s truly uplifting.

We have 12 routes to the top, each with different degrees of difficulty. While the climbing course is physically demanding, we ensure every step is taken with maximum safety.

For pure, exhilarating adventure in the heart of Queenstown, our climbing via ferrata adventure gives you the chance to go above average, beyond boring and up to the heights of inspiration.


The popularity of via ferrata really grew from the mid 1840’s when alpine tourism and exploration in the European Alps expanded. Peaks that were previously only accessible to the brave and skilful few, were soon opened up to everyday people seeking challenge and adventure.

Via Ferrata was also used extensively during the first World War to move troops in the Dolomite Mountain ranges of Italy. Now there are over 1000 via ferrata climbing routes, with the majority of them in Europe. It has become an incredibly popular tourism activity for the “adventurists at heart” person who enjoys the outdoors.

The Queenstown via ferrata was the first to be established in the Southern Hemisphere and takes advantage of Queenstown’s stunning alpine scenery, providing 12 challenging climbing routes of varying length and difficulty for you to conquer.



The starting point is located 2 minutes drive from Queenstown. Transport is provided.

Harnesses, helmets, via ferrata leashes.

Our climbing trips can be conducted in most weather conditions. We may cancel or modify any trips in the interest of safety.

A warm layer, water and sturdy, grippy footwear. We don’t suggest wearing rings as these may scratch on the metal rungs.
Valuables can be left at our Adventure Centre Base.

Yes it is possible. Any fall will be stopped by the via ferrata leashes which are attached to the steel cable. As long as you have followed instructions from your guide, you will be securely clipped in the entire climb. The via ferrata system is designed to reduce the probability of falling and to minimise the consequences should a fall occur.

Yes, if necessary, there are a number of exit routes available.

Please contact us if anyone weighs 40 kg or under so that we can assess suitability.

Yes. We can organise trips to suit all your needs. Climbing is perfect for groups, team building and corporate events.

No, but we do recommend that you have a a moderate level of fitness and are comfortable with heights.

Glasses and sunglasses are OK. We recommend a sports strap or a tie so you don’t lose them.

24 hours notice of cancellation in order to receive a full refund. For any reason we should cancel a trip we will provide a full refund.

Yes. It must be taken at your own risk and be securely fastened to your body. We offer a Go Pro rental service as well.

No. Our climbing routes are not accessible to the public as there is not an appropriate place for a spectator to watch safely.


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LANGUAGE: English, Spanish & Sarcasm

Meet Andee a.k.a Diesel. Andee is passionate about women’s involvement in outdoor sports and is a fantastic role model – canyoning, kayaking, hiking and getting involved in all adrenaline sports!
She loves Queenstown for all of its outdoor adventures, as well as being a great spot to people watch and hang out with the cute ducks (Andee is obsessed about the ducks!).
Her relaxing days off include working in her garden or laying on the couch demolishing pizza and pineapple soft serve ice cream. Fun fact: Andee’s favourite Cards Against Humanity white card is “Bees”?!?


Frontline Staff


Bob worked with us over winter and we managed to convince him to stay for the summer!
Actually, he just realised that there were still many adventures to be had here in Queenstown, but we’re totally going to take credit for it. He’s passionate about skiing and when he’s not at work you’ll find Bob going up and down the mountain using a variety of apparatus, often eating his favourite food, ice cream at the same time.
Fun fact about Bob – he has a Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Oxford! We encourage everybody to ask Bob about all things physics – Why is the sky blue? What is centrifugal force? We haven’t been able to stump him yet!




Kaden is our Head Guide and is from Utah. He is super passionate about climbing, skiing, and most of all canyoning.
In his own words, he enjoys being super badass – if he is not enjoying the great outdoors then you will usually find him in the gym pumping some iron! Kaden has spent the last 6 years as a canyon guide in the deserts of southern Utah (specifically Zion National Park) in the summer and skiing in winter.
In 2015 he decided to chase the summer and came to the (in his own words) “most beautiful country in the Southern Hemisphere” and has kept coming back since. Kaden’s fun fact is that his mom thinks he’s super rad, we tend to agree!


adventure guide

Nationality: American
Language: English & Spanish
Guiding Experience: New Zealand

We’re stoked to have Taylor a.k.a Dragon back for his second year with us! After guiding here last season, Taylor couldn’t wait to come back and get up to all things radical. On his days off, you’ll find Taylor with taco in hand, listening to the guy that sings with his dog. You know the one.
His spirit animal is a crow and he is passionate about ‘getting stoked out of his mind’ – his exact words. We dare you to bring Taylor some celery and when you do, you might get to hear his extremely loud scream which could possibly be his super power.



NATIONALITY: English – Kiwi 
LANGUAGE: English, French, German
GUIDING EXPERIENCE: Switzerland & New Zealand

Alex, better known as The Machine, is British but claims that she is also part Kiwi. We convinced her to come to Queenstown by promising her beautiful canyons, sick mountain biking and incredible people. So far, we’re living up to her expectations!
On her days off you’ll find Alex hanging out with Bruce, her beloved bike, eating all the food (her exact words) and smashing the boys at the gym. Her six pack is waay better than theirs! She plays a mean flute, is slightly obsessed about peanut butter and passionate about hummus.
Interesting fact – Alex can’t stand watching or hearing people brush their teeth! Anyone got a toothbrush?!?



GUIDING EXPERIENCE: New Zealand & Switzerland

Riki spent most of his childhood in a tiny town called Waikari in the Cantebury area, mixed with a short stint in Papua New Guinea.
Passionate about positive adventure experiences, Riki has guided in Auckland, Abel Tasman, Wanaka and Switzerland. Riki came to Queenstown to continue developing his professional career and to make the most of all the adventures in the adventure capital of the world!
When Riki isn’t working with our team on creating awesome experiences, you’ll find him obsessing over wind patterns, running off very high cliffs with a parachute or kite surfing. He literally drools over the salads at Big Fig but has no respect for lovers of pineapple on pizza!